Recondition Frazzled Summer Hair

Great Condition HairWe are having a glorious summer so far and while the sun is doing our spirits the world of good, your hair may well be feeling the effects of those hot rays. Add to that a holiday in the sun and your hair may be looking a bit more brittle and faded than you would like.

While a haircut will rid you of those dead ends, there are a number of other things you can do to ensure healthy looking hair without losing too many inches. Gareth Williams, Senior Artistic Team member at Headmasters give us some top tips to ensure that our looks glossy and gorgeous all summer long…

1. If you colour your hair, speak to your stylist about using ammonia-free products. This is much kinder to the hair and will keep any damage to a minimum, leaving it in better condition for the summer.

2. Use a nourishing masque once a week; this puts back any moisture the sun has taken out and will keep your hair conditioned and super healthy over the summer months.

3. When using heat, prep the hair with an oil like L’Oreal Professionnel Mythic Oil; this will give it gorgeous shine and prevent it from looking dull and dried out.

4. Remember that your hair needs protecting from the sun just as much as your skin. I love Kerastase Soleil Micro-Voile Protecteur, it leaves the hair soft and shiny and protects from UV and free radicals in the air.

5. Throw out your old brush and switch to a boar bristle brush like a Mason Pearson. This type of brush creates more shine and a luxe finish, while ensuring any old brushes don’t split the hair.

6. Treat yourself and your hair to a colour glossing mid-way through the summer; this will replace any lost tone and leave your hair looking and feeling glossy and revitalized.

7. Your hair will already be suffering from the heat and sun so give it a break and ditch the electricals one day a week. After washing, leave it to dry naturally and spritz in a beach spray for a perfect relaxed summer texture. I love L’Oreal Professionnel Beach Waves for a sexy matte finish.

Miss B

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