Perk Yourself Up With Invigorating Body Washes

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An invigorating body wash is sometimes the best way to kick your senses into action. But with so many on the market Belle About Town has got into a lather testing out what’s on the market so you don’t have to. We have whittled it down to our five favourite body washes that don’t just cleanse your body, but also perk you up.

1. Blow away the cobwebs of your sleepy slumber with the Revive Body Wash by Aromatherapy Associates. This is the perfect wake me up as it is jam packed with the refreshing powers of bergamot, grapefruit, peppermint and neroli. The wash, £25, is great in the shower but try pouring generous amounts under a running tap for the most decadent smelling bubble bath. Buy it from

2. For sheer indulgence lather up with the Fresh Fig Creme Body Wash by  Laura Mercier, £30. This is the creamiest body wash in our list.  It leaves the skin feeling smooth and moisturised which makes it ideal for use in the winter. The scent is also out of this world –  fresh figs mingle with dewy apricot nectar and sensuous ylang-ylang to create a luxurious fragrance. It costs £30 which is a bit more than an average body wash, but it is worth it as it makes you feel pampered. Buy it from

3. The Orangeasm Body Wash is the most affordable option – but it does not skimp on its potency. As the name suggests, this wash by Soap & Glory,£6.50, will make a simple shower experience so much more pleasurable with its zesty fragrance. It leaves your skin feeling tingly fresh and nicely scented. Buy it at

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4. T-London’s  Darjeeling Bath & Shower gel is the ideal way to wash away the cares of a busy day. This rich, crisp, and relaxing wash , £18, is enriched with revitalising lemongrass extract, orange peel and nutmeg essential oils which help perk up your mood. As the name implies, the wash is based on the gentle and aromatic nature of tea – so the scent is not over powering – which the man in your life will love. Ultimately, this gel is designed to nourish the skin, whilst helping you to recharge. And it does just that. Buy it from

5. Tap into the Earth’s natural resources with Dr Organic’s Dead Sea Minerals Body Wash, £6.79. The 20 essential minerals, which naturally occur in dead sea salt, have been bottled up in this wash to help pep up your mood day or night. Your skin will enjoy soaking up the goodness in the ingredients which leave the body feeling revitalised and hydrated. Buy it from

Aamina Zafar

Aamina Zafar

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