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Hooray for beauty trends that save us time and money! Avid fans of cult skin care company Dr Perricone will be waiting on tenterhooks for his new product – a three-in-one face cream launching in August. More Than Moisture SPF 30 (£49, is a moisturiser, sun protection and a skin treatment all in one bottle. It may seem innovative, but Perricone are cannily tapping into a new beauty phenomenon, whereby we’re all asking for two or more uses contained in every pot or bottle of product we buy.

Experts are taking note. “Since everyone started tightening their belts last year, we’ve realised that we’re selling fewer high-cost eye creams and expensive body products,” says Alexia Inge, co-founder of beauty website “Instead, there’s a shift towards such multi-functional products as our Pommade Divine – ideal for chapped lips, cracked skin and as a moisturiser, and  it also works on cuts, bruises, grazes, itches, stings, sunburn and rashes.” She is convinced that as people are counting their pennies, they want more for their money and are demanding more from their products. “Why spend £20 each on a face and body moisturiser and then a bubble bath when arguably you can get all three combined in one product?,” she points out.

Nationwide, it turns out that sales of multi-use basics are soaring.  “In an economic down turn people tend to turn to products that offer both value and versatility,” says Vaseline Brand Manager Rose Grey. Vaseline – who celebrate their hundred and fortieth anniversary this year – can be used to highlight cheekbones, as a mascara, eye make-up remover and even to give eyebrows a perfectly groomed finish as well as an all-over body moisturiser.

[callout title=Cosmetic dermatologist Dr Mervyn Patterson]”Lots of the stuff on our dressing tables are a complete waste of time. There is very little that actually works”[/callout]Cosmetic dermatologist Dr Mervyn Patterson thinks this new trend is extremely sensible. “Lots of the stuff on our dressing tables are a complete waste of time. There is very little that actually works. We’re talking about an industry worth billions of pounds – but most of that is probably spent on PR and marketing. We’re all being conned into buying things that we don’t need.”

What woman could disagree with that statement. Let’s be honest, we’re all guilty of owning a few lipsticks that seemed like a good idea, or a face mask that promised miracles and failed to deliver. Patterson thinks that you could get away with just owning six or so items which will cover every eventuality but adds a warning.  “If you want a moisturiser that’s seriously going to help with anti-ageing you’re unlikely to find it in a product that works on the face, body and hair at the same time. Use your discretion.”

Perricone’s new cream is just one example of how the industry is reacting to our new parsimony. “Beauty companies are changing they way they operate,” says Patterson. “They’ve realised that they need to start making sure that everything they produce works on lots of different levels, because the competition in this market is getting so intense.”

It’s time to clear the clutter from your dressing table and jingle the extra pennies in your pocket, as Belle About Town recommends the following multi-tasking favourites:

Vaseline (from around £1.12, leading chemists) – Highly practical for top-to-toe beauty needs.

Visible Lift by L’Oreal (£13.99, – Gorgeously smooth foundation with excellent coverage, an SPF of 17 and a beauty serum with such anti-wrinkle ingredients such as hyalauronic acid and collagen.

Must by RRI (£9.80 – A hair and skin conditioner which contains UV filters to stop damage and colour fade. Skin is instantly softer when rubbed in.

Lipo Bronze by Fake Bake (£20 (currently half price at £10), – Turn a healthy brown whilst moisturising and smoothing out orange peel skin.

Adara Coconut Virgin Oil (£7.95, – Cold pressed organic virgin coconut oil which comes in six gorgeous fragrances and is a natural multi-tasker – skin cleanser, hair conditioner, moisturiser and perfume.

Posietint by Benefit (£23.50. – A pretty pink colour to give cheeks and lips a kiss of see-through tint. Can also be used on eyes and rubbed into toenails to give a healthy glow. Lasts for hours.

Cream Oil Body Wash by Dove (£1.99, – Got dry skin because you just can’t be bothered to moisturise? This does it for you in the shower.

by Alice Smellie
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Alice Smellie

Alice Smellie

With a passion for beauty and over a decade’s experience working for national newspapers and magazines, Alice has written for such publications as the Independent, Harpers, Grazia, ES Magazine,Daily Telegraph, Brides magazine and InStyle magazine. For the last five years she has predominantly been writing beauty features for the Daily Mail. Her obsession with decent mascara is rivalled only by her increasingly desperate quest for effective anti-wrinkle creams. She adores cheap chocolate, expensive champagne and Edward Cullen with a passion and hasn’t left the house without wearing make-up since 1993 when the local newsagent didn’t recognise her without lipgloss.

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