Preparing your tresses – Autumn hair trends

As loathed as we are to say goodbye to summer, following the Autumn/Winter fashion weeks in New York, London, Milan, Paris and Berlin, we are preparing for the colder weather – but only so we can get some practice in to master that gorgeous hairstyles that we saw gracing the catwalks.

Who better to give us a helping hand, so to speak, than Richard Thompson, Owner and International Creative Director of Mahogany, to show us how to transform a high fashion, directional runway trend to a style that is wearable about town.

And thankfully there is something for everyone from glossy and groomed to soft and whimsical.


Shiny, intense, dark bobs with blunt fringes are a dramatic and perfectly groomed style to compliment the autumnal fashions. They show of the condition of your hair and the whole look is about slick, controlled and shiny!


“This look is all about line, colour and shine. The hair should be cut into a bob and the length of the bob should very much depend on the face shape. Longer faces are flattered by lengths at the jaw; rounder, wider faces suit lengths nearer the shoulders. They can be worn smooth or set for texture.

“The new Mahogany three month blow dry system is brilliant at smoothing and softening the hair for ease and shine. Bobs need precision cutting – Mahogany’s trademark, and the perfect oil on water black colour or a translucent black, which creates depth without heaviness.”


Another major trend of the season is to go ‘understated’. This low-maintenance style has lots of texture and movement and it neutralizes structured styles  – a great match for this season’s neutrals and understated chic.


Apply S4U OceaN (available in October from Mahogany) to wet hair. This texturising styler gives the hair a ‘sea-breeze effect’ – free, wild texture. It can simply be sprayed into to the roots for lift or all over the hair for the full effect. Rough dry and then finish by spraying in some more OceaN. Having long layers, loosely cut is the key to getting the best out of this look.”


It is time to lock away the shampoo and hairbrush! The grunge look of the early 90’s is in full swing, with greasy roots and unbrushed bed-hair.


“For a matte, unkempt look, use the new S4U VintagE (available in October from Mahogany). VintagE is a dry powder, half way between a dry shampoo and a high-hold styling product, which creates matte volume and texture. Tip your head upside down and apply the powder to roots, mid lengths and then the ends. Massage the roots with your fingers and flip back, allow the hair to fall back down by itself. This will separate the hair, mattify it and keep it in place.”


The plait has been modified for A/W, following the summer’s penchant for wide, graduated plaits; the fishtail unveils as the latest plait trend. This one is tight and centered, whilst still retaining a sense of imperfection with loose bits and a little frizz.


“Split the hair into 2 sections in your hands, pull the outside of one of the sections into the opposite panel, then pull a slice of that section into the first panel. Continue with this movement until you reach the ends of the hair, tie with elastic then loosen and distress the plait with fingers.”


Reminiscent of the sixties and the fabulous beehive, release your inner Patsy and backcomb your way to a fashionable do.  Hair is high – the higher, the better!


“Blow dry the hair upside down using S4U T’xt (volumiser) smoothed through the hair, gain as much root lift as possible, then back brush leaving 1 ½ inches around the outline. Spray with S4U F’xd hairspray. For a chignon, dress this outline length around the head , pin and secure into the nape and add hair from the back brushing into the pins to maintain height.”

[picture credits: Nikki Nelson / WENN;]
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