Asian Beauty Secrets To Adopt Now

Asian BeautyThe global trend for creating the ‘natural look’ continues to seize centre stage across the seasons. Asian women have long perfected skincare rituals to achieve a perfected complexion canvas and many of these techniques and formulas continue to make their way into UK women’s daily lives (think sheet masks, double cleansing, home gadgets).

Hong-Kong born founder of 001 Skincare and expert facialist, Ada Ooi, designed her London line expressly to merge the most innovative of Asian and Western formulation techniques into performance driven products that create pure complexion perfection, and Ada now shares her expert advice for incorporating the 5 skincare trends arriving from Asia into our daily regimes.

I. The Asian Art of Layering

Layering skincare is an Asian ritual that can involve between 6 to 16 steps depending on the individual’s skin condition. Its purpose is to target every skin concern as well as address multiple problems, from fine lines to acne, scarring and dryness, synergistically. Each product has its own job and specific purpose and an Asian woman will carve out time in her day to work on her complexion and ensure she has followed every step of her regime:

asian beauty system


II. Mixing skincare with make-up

Korean and Japanese women know how to best create the natural dewy look by blurring skincare and make-up techniques. By looking at the different areas of the face and considering humidity that day, they adapt by increasing parts of serum-water-foundation for the T-Zone and Chin, and for dry areas that make-up tends to melt away, they will add a balm to foundation. Mixing skincare products into make-up can enhance the skin condition and help make-up to blend closer into the skin, making it looking natural but not ‘made up’. Serum foundations and lighter, sheerer skin tints for creating a dewy complexion are on the rise, however you can create your own at home with Ada’s top tips:

Ada tips


III. The Renaissance of the Toner

Toners are an essential daily step and are sold in large sizes and in pouches for refilling in Japan. A toner is made of mainly hydrating agents to re-inject some of the moisture stripped during the cleansing process, return the skin to its natural pH level and prepare the skin to “receive” serums and additional moisture.

It is important to incorporate this step into the skincare regime as a toner provides this first layer of water for humectants in serums and moisturisers to work and allow delivery of the actives. Patting the toner, pressing down with your fingers allows your skin to microscopically stretch enabling your skin to better absorb the product.

Mobile mists are also big on trend, carrying one (or a few) in the handbag, a fuss-free hydrating mist or protecting UV mist is like a light moisturiser – a convenient, mobile beauty product that can help instantly hydrate, improve skin conditions and balance to maintain an effective protective barrier for the city. 001 Skincare’s 98% Hydrolat mists made from Lavender or Rose contain a healthy water and oil balance and come in a handy travel 30ml or larger 100ml.

IV. The Rise in Home Tools and Gadgets

In Hong Kong and Japan, going for a facial is not considered pampering but an accessible and affordable essential. However, South Korean women rarely go for facials as they believe they can achieve the same results at home. Gadgets are widespread across all parts of Asia and vary from those that are innovated to perform salon treatments for specific concerns, for example with the use of Infra-red or LED Light Therapy, to gadgets that can enhance the effect of the daily skincare regime. These home devices are used as ‘additional’ accessories to complement the skincare regimes on a daily or weekly basis. When the Hitachi Hada CRIE device was launched, it became the must-have device to enhance the daily regime. Last year, 001 Skincare launched Eyecicle, a Temperature-Conditioning device designed to be chilled and used around the eyes,employing acupressure techniques on the 7 pressure points. Delicately made with artisan glass techniques so the entire contact surface is rounded and smoothed with no seam, it is an essential accessory for an indulgent and stimulating home facial treatment.

V. Sleeping Mask

Sleeping masks are a big trend in Asia as Asians are brought up with the knowledge that our body recovers and replenishes during our sleep, making it one of the best times to treat the skin. Sleeping masks work as a potent injector of active ingredients to be absorbed and utilised overnight. 001 Skincare’s Supreme Equilibrium mask is created as a leave-on sleeping mask, its cooling gel-cream formula contains precious extracts in various molecular sizes for optimal delivery and absorption of nutrients within the skin layers. It is to be used as the last layer of the beauty regime to provide a night-long protective shield, preventing the skin’s natural moisture from evaporating overnight and pushing in all the super antioxidants from Rosehip and Marine Algae with repairing and restorative ingredients like Gingko, Manuka Honey and pure Frankincense, Myrrh and Benzoin oils, for a softened, hydrated, even and radiant complexion – crucial for giving a good base for make-up the next morning.

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