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MedcollCollagen is one of the buzz words in the beauty industry. It has long been know that it is one of the building blocks of young skin providing its strength and elasticity. From injecting it to digesting it to pumping the skin with vitamin C and peptides to encourage its synthesis, it is recognised that if one can succeed in this, we could see our skin return to its wrinkle free best.

Unlike many other collagen products on the market, MedColl is a completely natural supplement that contains collagen precursors that help renew and replenish your own existing collagen. While injectables or collagen drinks contain foreign collagen that has little effect on one’s wrinkles and creams which do not permeate the skin cells,  MedColl also works throughout the body helping other age-giveaway areas like knee and arms. While it doesn’t offer a ‘quick fix’, MedColl is designed to slow down the anti-ageing process and its focus is on moving away from intrusive procedures and boosting beauty from the inside out. It’s a lifestyle change which advocates a holistic philosophy, and it’s easy to use and easy to store. Supported by research from University College Dublin, MedColl has received huge success in both Ireland and the UAE because of its approach to scientifically grounded and natural anti-ageing.

Irish businesswoman, Roz Martin is owner of MartinBiotech, the company behind the development of MedColl, revealed to Belle, why she decided to develop the product.

“I love studying and researching anti-ageing medicine and aesthetic medicine, and attend those conferences when I can. Many years ago I attended  a seminar at the American Academy of Anti-Ageing Medicine (A4M) conference on Life Extension and Internal Health, such as keeping the organs healthy, stem cell research, nutritional therapies and other natural methods to slow down the ageing of the skin. That was it for me. It’s a philosophy. It’s not about doing one thing and expecting it to work; it’s about an approach to healthy ageing.”

“I worked for over 11 years within the British and Middle East Pharmaceutical industry, working for companies such as Akzo Nobel, Frederick Perdue, Johnson & Johnson Ortho Biotech specialising in female health, dermatology, pain management and oncology.” Roz said.

“Then, in 2011, I decided to take the plunge and quit my job as a senior oncology specialist and leave the corporate world to set up my own business.  I returned to Ireland from Dubai to set up my own nutraceutical /biotechnology company.”

Here Roz dispels the myths around collagen use and revealing the truth about what works and what really doesn’t. “After all most of will live well into our 90’s so ideally we would like to fit and well, so this is health span,” she says.

Here are some home truths about collagen:

Truth 1: Collagen is naturally occurring protein in skin and tissues; it is the ‘glue’ that holds all the body’s tissues, not just facial skin, together. It is our connective tissue and accounts for almost 30% of our body. It’s a holistic and abundant protein and is present in all mammals.

Truth 2: From your late 20’s, your body’s own natural collagen production starts to decline at a rate of as much as 1.7% per year and is not replenished to the same level. In women, there is a significant decline in collagen production at the peri-menopausal stage (late 40s onwards) due to the drop in oestrogen.

Truth 3: Collagen has no anti-ageing impact when applied topically to the skin. Creams which contain collagen are useless. Collagen molecules cannot penetrate the skin. Their only attribute is as a barrier to pollutants, sun etc.

Truth 4: When ingested collagen is treated like any other protein and is converted to amino acids and stored. The body will never miraculously ‘send’ the collagen to that stubborn wrinkle.

Truth 5: Effective collagen production needs collagen precursors, the building blocks that stimulate and synthesise the body’s production of new collagen.

Truth 6: Bovine, equine, porcine collagen is very different to human collagen. Fish collagen is closest to our cell structure. Avoid products using anything other than fish collagen.

Truth 7: Traditional, quick fix collagen injections will not result in sustained anti-ageing.

To find out more or buy online visit www.medcollcapsules.com.

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