Editorial Policy

Belle About Town provides content we believe is of interest to intelligent and sophisticated urban women.

Our content and our activities are not guided by commercial pressures, nor by any financial interests or commercial affiliation of individual contributors. We try to test all that we write about and in doing so are sometimes given products and services free. However we only write about things we genuinely believe in.

We are interested in forming alliances that will benefit our readers/followers and will make these known. We will soon be doing reader offers to benefit those people who are regular visitors to Belle About Town. The ones related to articles will again be sourced after the article is written and not influence the articles. All readers offers will clearly marked as such.

Any affiliate links are added after the article is written and do not influence the content of the article.

We are a legitimate news site and we do not take down links that are relevant to a feature on the site unless it is part of a sponsored post so please do not ask us to do so.